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Rolf Hapel at Citizens’ Services in the City Hall. (Photo:Simon Jeppesen)

Citizens’ Services

Self-service solutions and innovative layout are some of the current focus areas for Citizens’ Services.

Citizens’ Services is the City of Aarhus’s one-stop shopping point of access to the municipality for citizens. The services provided are either transactions, e.g. when a passport, drivers licences or a national health insurance card is issued to the citizen, or related services, where the citizen needs information from the City of Aarhus.


Citizens’ Services and public libraries are combined in one department, thus giving the public citizens' sevices on Dokk1, the new main library on the harbour front and in 18 branch libraries. 


Channel Strategy

Based on the fact that there are great societal and economic benefits connected to digitization and self serviced user transactions, the City of Aarhus has adopted a channel strategy focusing on incentives for the citizens to prefer digital, interactive channels for inquiries, rather than e.g. mails, letters and personal approach. This strategy is aligned with the Danish national eGov strategy that gradually through legislation push mandatory dagital self service.


Support for self-service


The City of Aarhus has developed a wide range of web-based self-service solutions. The employees with Citizens’ Services function as ‘co-operators’ or 'digital ambassadors' for citizens who need to learn how to serve themselves. Making the end-user interfaces more user-friendly is a priority as is the development of services targeted towards mobile platforms, tablets and smart phones.



Joint Secretariat for Citizen Service and Libraries

Culture and Citizen Service

Dokk1. Hack Kampmanns Plads 2

8000  Aarhus C

Telefon: 89 40 20 00



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