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Climate and the Environment

Aarhus is developing rapidly, both as a city and as a business area, which places heavy requirements on the protection of the environment and the use of natural resources.

Waste and Heating 

In Aarhus, waste is a resource, and the heat produced is distributed efficiently.


In the City of Aarhus, waste is either used for heat production or recycled. Waste management and heat production and transmission are two central elements in the municipality’s environmental action plan and the overall objective of the climate plan – being CO2-neutral by 2030.



In Aarhus, the Department of Nature and Environment ensures that the environment is strengthened and that the goal of CO2-neutrality by 2030 is achieved.

The Department of Nature and Environment has many functions that relate to the development, use and protection of nature and the environment. The City Council has drawn up the following goals: A doubling of the areas of natural beauty, countryside development which supports the quality of the drinking water and the overall climate goal: CO2-neutrality by 2030.



Aarhus is proud of its water and looks after this resource carefully.

The tap water in Aarhus is almost 100-year-old pure groundwater. The Aarhusians can enjoy top-quality drinking water, clean bathing water in the Bay of Aarhus and clean water running through the city.



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